August 22, 2010

Ashlilium @ Poser:Exposed

I've had ants in my pants the last few weeks because I've been DYING to show off the Poser:Exposed Quasi-Wedding photo shoot. Erik gave me total creative freedom; basically all he told me was "I want to be blown away."  Leading up to the event we met at the venue Cafe Malaga a few times and I was inspired to do a "Chic Urban Rustic Wedding".  The venue was perfect. It has a large outdoor dining area that we transformed into a posh wedding location.

The bride's bouquet was made of mostly Succulents, mini white and orange Spray Roses and Leucadendron. These succulents not only make a beautiful bouquet but can also be planted after the wedding for a keepsake. For my tablescape I planted succulents in wooden boxes and terracotta pots.  To add some dimension to the table I used the rustic candle sticks with a ball of paper roses on top and small miss matched jars to hold a variety of flowers.  The burlap table cloth adds an extra layer of texture. To complete my vision I painted some picture frames white and suspended an orange paper flower in the center to be hung at the beginning of the ceremony isle. My husband likes these because to him they symbolize future memories, but I just think they look cool. :)

I don't even have the words to begin to thank Erik for all the support he has given me. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented man. His passion shows through in everything he does and I hope to continue to surround myself with this kind of energy.

Poser:Image | Photography
Deanie Michelle Events | Wedding coordinator
Doodle Dog | paper items
Cafe Malaga | Venue


  1. Just absolutely freaking gorgeous!!! I love it all!

  2. Love love love love it!!!!!!!!


  3. Oh Darling! You have been a flower*child since you were 16 at least... you are fantastic! I remember for my 17th birthday you gave me a window hanging with pressed daisies..I still have it:0) Keep on keepin on Ashley... You've got it.

  4. Girl...your work is simply amazing! I LOVE succulents. This is a fantastic post!